IATA Infectious Substances Shipping Guidelines 16th Edition (2021/2022) Windows Software


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The ISSG is the complete, plain language guide to transporting any sort of infectious substance quickly and safely. In the case of laboratory tests, delays due to shipping problems could mean a delay to initiating the necessary public health response or identifying the treatment required for a patient. The ISSG contains documentation and packaging examples, checklists for every step of the process and shipping regulations for air, sea, road, rail, courier and the postal service.

Product Code: ISSG21S
Media: Digital/Software
Language: English
Edition: 16th (2021/2022)
Effective Date: 1st January 2021 – until. 31st December 2022



What's inside the ISSG?

  • Applicability (legislation, postal authorities, shipper, package supplier and carrier responsibilities, state and vendor variations)
  • Classification (UN numbers, classification criteria and scenarios)
  • Identification (list of dangerous goods, special provisions)
  • Packing (triple packaging, quantity limits, freezing or cooling, certified packing, overpacks, packing instructions)
  • Packaging performance tests (performance tests, finding the right packaging)
  • Marking and labelling (package use marking)
  • Documentation (waybill, how to complete the declaration form, sample documentation by material)
  • Handling (acceptance, checklists, refusals)
  • Emergency response (contact information, responsibilities, spills, leaks, first aid)
  • Training (national requirements, training schools)
  • Dangerous goods security (general provisions, training, high consequence provisions, security plans)

System Requirements

  • IATA Reader for Windows application
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/10
  • Intel Pentium or compatible processor
  • 16-bit colour display, 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x
    • Administrator permissions are required for .NET installation
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates and downloads)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software version 6.0 or higher

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