Dangerous Goods Handling by Road Transport Self-Paced Course


Approximately 8 hours

This course provides an all encompassing view on requirements surrounding the carriage of dangerous goods by road. It is essential for shippers and shipper’s agents who prepare dangerous goods consignments, and is designed to comply with the provisions set out in NZS5433 Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land. Upon completion of the course, participants will have an understanding of the regulations allowing them to complete a shipment for transportation by road. This course is a must for all warehousing and distribution personnel.


Hours of Video Content


Key Topics:

  • The Legislation
  • Responsibilities
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • The classification of dangerous goods
  • Identification of dangerous goods
  • Packaging requirements and labelling and marking procedures
  • Storage and loading procedures
  • The Shipper’s Declaration and other relevant documentation
  • Segregation within the vehicle
  • Personal Protection Equipment and spill cleanup and disposal
  • Emergency Response Information
  • Risk management and incident investigatation including step-by-step action plans
  • Requirements under NZS 5433: 2020 – Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land

Who should attend:

  • Staff involved in the handling of dangerous goods as part of their daily routine
  • Warehouse and distribution personnel required to pack and complete dangerous goods declaration for road frieght
  • Those involved with on-site Health and Safety

This course does not provide training for D Endorsement, nor does it provide training under Regulation 4.5. For training under Regulation 4.5 please refer to HSWA Workplace Chemical Handling Training Basic, HSWA Workplace Chemical Handling Training Comprehensive, and HSWA Certified Handler Certification.

Certification awarded:

On successful completion of this course the attendee will be awarded a Dangerous Goods Handling by Road Transport certification which covers training requirements under NZS 5433 : 2020.


10 Course Topics


38 Lessons


Function specific training as defined by the Dangerous Goods Land Transport Rule 2005 & NZS 5433 Dangerous Goods Regulations

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