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Air Cargo Load Restraint

Air Cargo Load and Restraint Course

This course is designed for staff who are preparing unit load devices and includes training in ULD weight limitations, cargo shoring methods and cargo compatibility.  This course is endorsed by IATA and meets the mandatory training requirement for IATA freight forwarders.

1 Day (9.00am – 4.30pm)

Dangerous Goods Handling

This full day course provides specific training on completing Dangerous Goods Declarations for road transport. It also provides information on DG classification, PPE, spill training, and MSDS sheets. Essential for shippers and shipper’s agents who prepare dangerous goods consignments and is designed to comply with the provisions set out in the Land Transport Rule and the New Zealand Standard: Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land (NZS 5433).

1 Day (9.00am – 4.30pm)
Self-Study Option Available 

D Endorsement (NZQA Unit Standard 16718)

NZTA approved courses for those who require training to attain a Dangerous Goods (D) Endorsement on their drivers licence. This course meets requirements under NZQA Unit Standard 16718 (Demonstrate and apply knowledge of law and practise for the transport of Dangerous Goods by road).

Initial: 1 Day (9.00am – 4.30pm)
Recurrent: 1/2 Day (8.30am – 12.00pm)

Flammable Gas and Liquids HSWA Training

This half day course provides basic training for hazardous substances under Regulation 4.5: for sites with only Class 2.1: Flammable Gases and/or Class 3: Flammable Liquids.  This course is provided in partnership with Environmental Resources Limited.

1/2 Day (9.00am – 12.00pm)

Comprehensive Chemical HSWA Training

Comprehensive training under Regulation 4.5. This course is provided in partnership with Environmental Resources Ltd.

1 Day (9.00am – 3.30pm)

IATA Dangerous Goods Initial

This is an IATA Dangerous Goods Initial (5 day) course for those who are requiring certification to prepare, ship, or accept dangerous goods consignments by air.

5 Days (9.00am – 4.30pm per day)

IATA Dangerous Goods Recurrent

This is a revalidation (3 day) course for those personnel who are currently certified to IATA categories 1, 3 or 6.  Attendees on this course must hold current IATA DG Certification.

3 Days (9.00am – 4.30pm each day)

Infectious Substances by Air

This IATA endorsed and NZ CAA approved course is designed for shippers of infectious and biological substances by air, their agents and airline operator acceptance staff.

1 Day (9.00am – 4.30pm)

International Maritime Dangerous Goods

This course is designed for shippers and shipper’s agents who prepare dangerous goods shipments for carriage by sea. The course focuses on the use of the IMDG Code.

1 Day (9.30am – 4.30pm)

Lithium Battery Transport Awareness

This two hour training course provides specific training for lithium batteries (under packing instruction, Section II) in accordance to requirements under IATA DGR 60th Edition, Section 1.6.

1/2 Day (9.00am – 11.00am)

Regulated Air Cargo Agent

This comprehensive 1/2 day course is for those needing certification and training as part of the CAA Rules Part 109 as they apply to the RACA, Known and Unknown Customer or Authorised Driver.

1/2 Day (9.00am – 12.00am)

Touzelle Batkin

Touzelle Batkin


Touzelle brings many years of experience with biosecurity and has also been a laboratory technician and veterinary nurse. She has worked in all areas of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) border clearances including managing and training Quarantine Inspectors at the Auckland Port. Touzelle has undergone specialist training in New Zealand and Singapore to be an approved IATA Dangerous Goods trainer. 

Touzelle currently presents various training including the Infectious Substance by Air course, IATA Dangerous Goods courses and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods course. 

russell hay

Russell Hay


Russell has been involved in the cargo industry since 1976. In his previous position at Air New Zealand he was responsible for training courier, road transport and airline operations staff. He also represented the airline industry regularly at IATA Dangerous Goods Board meetings. A significant portion of this training was also allocated to the carriage of dangerous goods and Russell has become an acknowledged expert in this field.

Russell is an accomplished presenter and has addressed conferences in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.  He is the current chairman of the New Zealand Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council.

Ethan Stewart

Ethan Stewart

Trainer and Business Manager – Operations

Ethan has been with the DGM team since 2008, working his way up to becoming Business Manager – Operations.  He has many years of experience in the field bringing a wealth of knowledge to the dangerous goods courses Ethan currently presents various training including our self-study training course designed for students to undertake training at their own pace. 

Ethan Stewart

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