DGM offers a full range of courses to support you, and your organisation, in their compliance to relevant regulations. Our scheduled courses are perfect for anyone learning dangerous goods regulations for the first time, but we also offer custom training to suit your organisation’s needs.

As a CBTA Center of Excellence, we support the community in developing specific and tailor-made programs. We are committed to providing training programs to product a competent workforce to ensure the safe transport of dangerous goods within and out of New Zealand.


With in-person, virtual and e-learning training options available, it couldn’t be easier to up-skill or arrange dangerous godos re-certification for yourself or your staff.  Have a look at our online training schedule to find courses and dates to suit, then either book online, email us at training@dgm.co.nz or phone us on 0800 256 030.

Not sure which course is right for you? DGM can help. Have a look our in-depth course outlines, or feel free to contact our team. We are involved with the shipment of dangerous goods on a day-to-day basis and as a result our team are the best to advise you on any ammendments or requirements since your last certification.


Do you provide onsite training?

Yes we do – these are typically arranged based on a minimum of 10 attendees. Contact our team today to discuss your training requirements and recieve a quotation.

We need an onsite but don't have space at our office - what do we do?

We can provide you an exclusive training course – this is a tailored course for your company based within our purpose built training rooms.

Is our company an Approved Transitional Facility?

Click here to search the list.

How important is an Accredited Person?

New Zealand is an isolated country and with the increase of global trade this places pressure on our biosecurity systems, especially those involved in devanning containers.  An Accredited Person plays a key role ensuring that exotic pests do not become established in our country.

Which course is right for me?

Contact our team – we will be happy to discuss and advise you on the best course to suit your desired outcome.

Do you provide training outside of Auckland?

On site training is regularly provided by DGM within New Zealand and overseas.

How do I become an Accredited Person?

An individual must complete with competence the required MPI Accredited Person (Biosecurity Awareness) course, and then complete an additional approval process with MPI directly – click here for the complete process and application forms.

What should be reported to MPI?

Anything out of the ordinary for a sea container is to be reported to MPI. This includes: live organisms (Call 0800 809 966); fungus or contamination of wood packaging; other biosecurity contamination to be swept and placed in a quarantine bin (check your training material); non-ISPM 15 wood packaging material; and other restricted packaging materials e.g. straw or used tyres.


As a recognised IATA Excellence Provider and New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Part 141 Accredited Training School, DGM has extensive experience in developing and delivering competency-based training courses. With the requirements for Dangerous Goods Regulations Training in accordance with the new ICAO Technical Instructions that come into force on 1st January 2023, we have expanded our training and service portfolio with IATA recognised Dangerous Goods Regulations Training Courses and are accredited to support as required.


Our venue is a state of the art solution which provides a DTEN monitor and Zoom Room: great for anyone who wants to collaborate between teams, especially conference or board meetings between sites. DGM also provide catering and support services for these events.

The DTEN D7 is an all-in-one conference room solution with a touchscreen, integrated PC, microphone, speaker, HD camera, and Zoom Room.

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