DiGicert = 100% Compliance

  • Digicert ensures 100% Compliance
  • All Dangerous Goods Declarations saved for quick recall
  • Save employee information, products, consignor and consignee details for easy selection
  • Customize functions, labels, colours and add your own company logo
  • Cancel easily anytime

Many companies arrange their Dangerous Goods Declarations by hand which can mean spelling mistakes, missed out information and UN errors.  These can all result in rejections, missed shipments and time delays.

Why risk it? DiGicert is the answer. 

Dangerous Goods Management has developed a digital certification package that replaces handwritten road and sea freight dangerous goods forms. It has functions that allow for the storage of all consignee and dangerous goods product information. 100% compliant forms are produced every time, reducing the risk of driver fines and ensuring freight isn’t delayed.

With DiGicert you can easily arrange Dangerous Goods Declarations for road freight and sea freight shipments ensuring 100% compliance.