Lithium battery training and instruction

Feb 2, 2018 | News, Training

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations now require that shippers of lithium batteries which are classified under Section II in the packing instructions must receive adequate training and instruction.

Lithium batteries are commonly used in devices like mobile phones, PDAs, watches, cameras, and even children’s toys. ¬†Lithium battery shipments or shipments with items that contain charged batteries may overheat and ignite in certain conditions and, once ignited, may be difficult to extinguish. The two main types of lithium batteries are lithium ion (rechargeable) and lithium metal (primary non-rechargeable).

Training available:

Lithium Battery Awareness Training for Air Transport

DGM have developed a 2 hour course based on the IATA guidelines for adequate training and instruction for the shipping of lithium batteries classified under section II. Our first course is scheduled 22nd February.  For additional dates please see our online schedule here. We can also provide you with onsite training, for various types of lithium battery transportation air/sea/land and specifically tailored for your business. If you would like a quote please contact our training team via our contact page today.